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Campaigns and Adventures

Siege of Vigilus Prime-- War of the Beasts

Main Map

Events Map

Turn 1

Tyranids invade Section 2 and challenge the Orks.  Result Tyranid Win and gain control of Section 2.

The Gene Stealer Cult of the Red Dot invade Section 14 and challenged the Chaos Daemons.  The Daemons repelled the attack.

The Blue Deathwatch army challenged the Necrons in section 17 and failed to achieve victory and were pushed back.

The Red Deathwatch advanced and claimed Section18.

Section 11 was claimed by the Chaos Daemons after they were challenged by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Morley Death Guard pulled Section 23 away from the Imperial Guard




Turn 1

Turn 2

The Blue Death Watch advances into section 4 and challenges the Tyranid swarm of Broodqueen Nom Nom

The Adeptus Mechanicus try to push the Daemons out of section 11 and fail to achieve victory.

The Orks of Badtoof Azzkikker attempt to take control of section 28 from the Death Guard

The Black Legion move to section 19 to challenge the Red Death Watch

Jason's Death Guard move to section 20 to challenge the Necrons.

Jon's Death Guard move to section 16 to challenge the Gene Stealer Cult of the Red Eye.

Broodqueen Nom Nom moves to section 9 and challenges Jon's Death Guard

The Blue Death Gene Stealer Cult advance to section 3 to take on the Chaos Daemons.



Turn 2


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