Located at 2215 Fairfax Street in Eau Claire, WI.

Phone:  715 - 831 - 2112

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Open Daily 10am to 8pm (later when running tournaments)



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* Gain 1 punch on a punch card for every 25$ spent on Games Workshop products.* 

Fill the card and get $30 off your next purchase.

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Welcome to Clairemont Comics and Games.  We are the largest vintage comic book and collectables dealer in the Chippewa Valley area. 

We also carry large selection of Roleplaying, table top miniature and card games such as:

  • Magic the Gathering

  • Star Wars X-Wing

  • Warhammer 40,000

  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Age of Sigmar

  • Killteam

  • Dungeons & Dragons

  • Pathfinder

  • Marvel Crisis Protocol

We have 2 large gaming tables that are open to play at NO COST!  We have all the terrain that you need as well as the largest selection of minis in the area to round out your armies.  For those who would like to learn how to play please give us a call to set up a time to go through a small game or two to learn..

We have a wide variety of statues, busts and collectable action figures arriving weekly.

Magic players:  We have enough open tables to seat 32 people comfortably and play at NO COST!

We have plenty of snacks and soda as well as free WiFi.